Pakistan Super League aka PSL is started in Dubai from the last week and Peshawar Zalmi has a strong position so far. Couple of songs and anthems released from different singers and bands while we have made some amazing facebook cover and DP for you. Let me share the first track of Khumariyaan (Zangeer)


Meanwhile one of Zalmi fan Hassan made an outstanding video compilation to support Zalmi went viral from Pukhtoogle couple of days ago. The aim of the video is to promote Zalmi and trend hashtag #WarkaDang on social media.



The best part of PSL opening was when Zalmi came to the ground, team was leading by Shahid Afridi and Javed Afridi following by other Zalmi with the great voice of  Hamyun Khan, Zeek Afridi and Gul Parna.



We have a great DP for you to support Zalmi, while you can copy cover picture from our facebook page.

Peshawar Zalmi DP

We have made an online DP maker if you want to create it by your own, follow these steps

  1. Enter your name
  2. Select any picture (4×4 is ideal)
  3. Click on Upload
  4. Once your are directed to new page, Click on download
  5. Your cover is ready
  6. Right Click on cover and save!

Enjoy PSL, Support KhpalTeam! Peshawar Zalmi!



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