Pashto Rabab Guitar

Last night we planned to invite one of our friend Zafar Khan from Mardan. He is working in Abu Dhabi and a talented Rababist. Meanwhile a friend of mine from Serbia Samir was also there and he was eager to see Rabab in action as he was a guitarist.

Pashto Guitar & Rabab

We decided to have a Rabab Guitar fusion as both of them were interested to play together. The fusion went beyond our imagination with outstanding rhythms and variation.

I am sharing two videos NOT sure about the songs but I am sure you ll enjoy. The video has more than 2,000 shares so far.

P.S: I have Rabab from more than 6 months and learned only beginning Sargams as I am following youtube. But learning without a teacher can’t make you master. Hopefully my ambition would be full-filled in Peshawar only. Sigh..



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