Ismail and Junaid’s ‘Pakhwa’

The Official Music Video of Ismail and Junaid’s much awaited song ‘Pakhwa’ is out now.


Video Credits:
Pakhwa by Ismail and Junaid
Tune Composition: Ismail Khan / Rafiq Shinwari
Poetry: Hamza Shinwari
D.O.P: Bilal Farooq & Haseeb Shah
Directed by: Shoaib Anwar / Jawad Zeb
Edited by: Shoaib Anwar


The Lyric


Che dunya aab-o-gil ta insan raghay
When to the blend of sand and water (Earth), the “human” came.

meena raghla fitna raghla toofan raghay
Came love, Came curse, a storm came.

ma bega pa khob khwaray zulfay lidalay
With disheveled hair, I saw her in a dream (last night);

Khuday dai khair kri chi Qaasid pareshaan raghay
Her well-being I desire (from God); as worried the messenger came.

Shwa maluma chi zwani hum da kar siz wu
Came to know youth was a thing of use.

chi kam khkule rana tair shu armaan raghay
The beauty that I passed, its yearning came,

chi mi zra ayena makho ta hawas kro
For when I let the greed for the mirror-faced reflect onto my heart;

hairaan taley wu zama na hairan raghay
Awe that had left me, in awe it came.

Khpalo malgaro pakhwano sara zam
With friends of time; I go,

za da sahra ta leewano sara zam
With mad men to the desert; I go.

umer shu tair nashwa poora latana
Life has passed, incomplete the quest remains.

agha nimgaro afsano sara zam
With my incomplete tales, I go.

wehshata sta merabani wa pa ma
O Fear! Your blessing; It is;

siri greewan da zamano sara zam
As fearlessly with the times; I go.

Wakht aakhiri dai sitamgara rasha
O cruel friend! Come, for the end is near;

sta daroghjano bahano sara zam
With Your false excuses; I go

la kho mi sthar pa nwar khaata prata di
Yet, My way is set upon the rising sun

na laka nwar da preewato sara zam
Not that with the falling sun, I go.

krama jahaan chi da Pukhtoon zalmay
For when I make the world; a Pakhtoon of age;

da khpalo paighlo hoosalo sara zam
With my youthful spirit; I go.

ma hamza chi da beltoon tyaray sharalay
When I (Hamza) was fighting the darkness of separation

laka shama zama kor ta khandaan raghay
The beacon of happiness; came to my abode.

thal ba pa laara mairano sara zam
Forever shall I go with the valiant.

yama Pukhtoon da Pukhtano sara zam
For I’m a Pakhtoon, and with Pakhtoons; I go.

waye aghyaar chi da dozakh jaba da
That the rivals name as the tongue of Hell,

za ba jannat ta da Puktho sara zam
To Paradise, with Pakhto, I (will) go.

Pakhwa Lyrics and English Translation
Artist: Ismail and Junaid

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  3. Rehman Baba ba bang/chars Skal (Astaghfirullah)

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