Pashto Rabab Guitar

Last night we planned to invite one of our friend Zafar Khan from Mardan. He is working in Abu Dhabi and a talented Rababist. Meanwhile a friend of mine from Serbia Samir was also there and he was eager to see Rabab in action as he was a guitarist.

For some beginners & non-Pashto speakers it was an issue to write Pashto using Microsoft keyboard. The solution was provided online via Pashto Phonetic Keyboard as part of thePashto dictionary. But the hurdle was to make sure the availability of the keyboard to offline users. They can, alternatively, use Pashto Phonetic Keyboard as additional keyboard for the windows.

Pashto Phonetic Keyboard

The said keyboard is something worth more for beginners. The user should download the keyboard and start working without installing it to the control panel. Since the keyboard is a module of our up coming project “Pashto Dictionary Offline Version” that’s why it has only copy/paste and writing facility.

In future i will try to integrate it with graphics & typography in order to facilitate poet & publisher to design their poems, books and small couplets for facebook etc.

As discussed earlier, i am working on Offline version of thePashto dictionary. If you have any suggestion feel free to reply in comments.

Download Keyboard

Welcome to the brand new version of the dictionary,, the only home to all Pashto learners! Quench your thirst for Pashto language by drinking from the fresh stream of!

Committed to bringing excellence at par with the needs of the 21st century, is an online Pashto-English and English-Pashto dictionary with over 16K words. User-friendly interface, dynamic and colorful menus, beautiful layout, lovely background images, light pages, Pashto Phonetic Keyboard, and much more comprises this absolute Gem of Knowledge!

It has been two strenuous years since it was first launched in 2011, although it was quite successful on various fronts, still as a commitment to our policy, we wanted to deliver our service in a more appealing way, easy to learn and surf, and above all keep the authenticity at par with the best, as it is vital to any dictionary of any sort.

In these two years, our fans have been persistently giving feedback for ameliorating the dictionary even more. They will be all praise to learn that most of their suggestions in many respects have been met in this new version. What better toast could they get than the new version of blended in with fresh attributes.

What’s so special about the new version or what’s different than the previous version, one may ask! Well, there are so many novel features integrated in the new version, which gives a complete package for a wide array of Pasto language learners ranging from a novice users to lexicographers. Here are some of the specialties worth a glance:

User-friendly layout:
The website is simple yet quite appealing. In fact, it keeps the user bound to learn more, search for more and more words, as the layout attracts rather than distracts the users. Moreover, every page is accompanied by a background image, most of which are related to Pashto and Pashtun tradition and lifestyle that confers a pleasant feeling thereby helps the reader to not get bored at any cost, rather enjoy surfing.

Easy Registration:
All the users are welcome in registering themselves. Registration process is pretty easy and entails just a single step – provide email, choose a username and password, and here we go, you are now a registered member. You can start adding words to the vocabulary once you are registered on the website.

Contribution to dictionary:
Any person, irrespective of their educational background and language they speak can add words, but that’s not all. Any word added is reviewed before actual addition to the dictionary by experts in Pasto linguistics, thereby accounting for the authoritative and authentic guide to Pashto learning!

Motivating contributors:
The beautiful layout when coupled with excellent Dashboard menus entices the members to keep adding words to the dictionary. A member can view words he/she has added, as well as how many of them actually got selected or rejected. Moreover, he/she can also view their stats as to how many hits the words have received that they have added earlier. Moreover, they can delete or modify any previously added word(s). If your Pulse (Percentage of words accepted) rate reaches 20%, your account will be ceased.

Pashto Phonetic Keyboard:
Previous version of the dictionary did not have this feature. Most users faced a bit difficulty in writing the word they wished to look up for in Pashto. This kink has now been ironed out in the new version, which provides an inbuilt Pashto Phonetic Keyboard. Users, esp. the Android users, can now easily search for any word by using the said keyboard.


Search words in three ways: is a bilingual dictionary, which means that you can perform search from Pashto-English as well as English-Pashto. Moreover, you can search words in Roman as well, that facilitates users in writing Pashto words with more ease.


Word Specifications:
Apart from meaning of the word, dictionary also specifies as to what type of word it is, i.e. which category the word belongs to – whether it is masculine or Feminine, Singular or Plural, Transitive or Intransitive, together with that it also shows as what type of part of speech it is. But one of the coolest feature of the dictionary is that is displays the Pronunciation of Pashto words in English which is quite useful for foreigners.


Free android application:
The dictionary has a stand alone free android application which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, initially the application is connected with the website and showing results from website rather than an offline database. We are in the process to develop the application for iOS and Windows phone as well. You can drop your suggestion for the application to be implemented.

Furthermore, the auto-suggestion feature, and resources like typical Pashtun male and female names, Pashtun Tribes names, Proverbs and Idioms, Pashto Numbers’/Days’ names are given at the bottom of the Home Page. You can drop in any suggestions or objections by clicking the Feedback button via your facebook account. We are working hard to add more interesting features, to make it a real success and an ultimate place to learn Pashto.
So, what are you waiting for – Just flip the coin, turn the page, seize the moment and start surfing!

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Finally Jaam by Yasir & Jawad is here, perfectly covered Khukly Pekhawar <3 Solute you Mash Production for such outstanding & amazing work. I enjoyed every second of the video & surely you will like & share after watching.

Jaam – Yasir & Jawad
Vocals: Wali Aurakzai
Lyrics: Ghani Khan
Audio Productions: Albert Studios
Video: MASH Productions

Kuch Khaas, in collaboration with IPAC, brings you yet another mesmerizing instrumental night featuring a performance by Khumariyaan, who are coming back again from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to intoxicate you with their instrumental skills.

The band comprises of Farhan Ali Bogra on the Rubab, Sparlay Rawail on lead guitars, Aamer Shafiq on rhythm guitars and Shiraz Khan on percussions. They have been constantly transforming themselves and those around them in local jams and events at institutions far from home, and have become a mobile musical and intellectual experience.

Khumariyaan’s smooth blend of Rubab, a dash of Guitars and a garnishing of Darbooka will surely send you in an unforgettable trance.