Moxet Khan

PlaceMe.Pk is the new startup in town providing affordable accommodation to students. Here’s what its founder, Muqsit Khan, had to say:

  1. What made you choose this field? Were you passionate about it from the start or did you just had an epiphany?

The idea of such a startup came when we were attending Startup Istanbul. We stayed in Turkey for one week and realized that there should be a dedicated online system for students who want to share a room or bed space. The idea was then implemented after 3 months.

PlaceMe.PK - Pakistani startup for students seeking hostels

Pakistani business people and tech experts are taking the world by tempest with their development. We have seen some amazing startups getting to be prevalent all around the globe, and it appears that our business people have voracity for additional. Much the same as consistently, this year various new companies developed in the business sector too. The accompanying is a gander at the gathering of the most inventive activities started by nearby experts and entrepreneurs.

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