The video covers the following topics of fiverr in Pashto.

– Using buyer request to get first gig
– Find less competitors
– Description must be complete.
– Free stuff / quick delivery
– Buyer request at night
– Why i am not getting order after 10, 15 deliveries.

– Usage of contacts in chat
– Spamming in messages
– Multiple accounts
– Copy paste from google images

Hope you guys will get your first order, if you have any question feel free to mention in comments.

In this video i will discuss deeply how to create an account in fiverr.com in order to sell your services. Second part of the video covers how to make a gig (service) for different tools (Photoshop, SEO, Programming etc). To watch introduction please click here.

As sample we will concentrate on the simplest gig of how to remove a watermark from your photos or documents following by advance gigs in the next video.

If you have any question feel free to ask in comments section, please increase volume for first 01 minute [my bad].

As discussed last week in a post, i will be sharing my freelancing and coding expertise with you guys. Today i am sharing the very first vlog which covers the following topics along with my introduction.

  • My introduction
  • Goal of vlogs series and its impact
  • What is fiverr?
  • Why it is different than other freelancing platform