Fiverr in Pashto

Starting a new video series on fiverr in Pashto. A rapidly growing freelancing platform for developers, designers, programmer and other professions. In these videos I will focus on the following topics in Pashto, how to earn money from fiverr online.


  • What is fiverr?
  • How to create account?
  • Creating a gig (service)
  • Order handling (communication and delivery)
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Do’s and don’ts

The video series will be started in few weeks, If you have any suggestion feel free to express in the comments.

wysiwyg editor for dummies

I was working on a web application recently and faced some serious issues using WYSIWYG editor. For those who don’t know what WYSIWYG editor is; the editor turns your text area to a live editor where you have the option to change the format of text, insert images, videos and other necessary changes as we are doing in Microsoft word. You can’t, actually, turns everything from the editor to a word format but to some extent you can play around with string and media.

Moxet Khan

PlaceMe.Pk is the new startup in town providing affordable accommodation to students. Here’s what its founder, Muqsit Khan, had to say:

  1. What made you choose this field? Were you passionate about it from the start or did you just had an epiphany?

The idea of such a startup came when we were attending Startup Istanbul. We stayed in Turkey for one week and realized that there should be a dedicated online system for students who want to share a room or bed space. The idea was then implemented after 3 months.